Bitter is Better Pack

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Always willing to extol the virtues of bitter greens, Farmer Casey is the biggest fan of these complex greens. Coming in colors ranging from light green to deep burgundy, bitter greens are a great way to add a new flavor to your meals. 

This pack will contain 4 heads of bitter greens (with at least two different types of greens). The combination could also include frisee, escarole, bel fiore or castelfranco radicchio.
  • 1 puntarelle - Slice the hollow stalks in the center of the head and let soak in ice water for 30-45 minutes to mellow the bitterness. Combine with an olive oil and anchovy dressing for a classic Roman salad. Alternatively, saute with garlic and anchovies and toss with pasta, breadcrumbs, and burrata cheese. 
  • 1 endive (frisee or escarole) - Saute this green with onions and garlic for a quick side dish or add to a soup with potatoes and lots of herbs. 
  • 1 treviso radicchio - Radicchio makes excellent, colorful salads. Toss in your salad dressing a bit ahead of time to soften the greens. Top with roasted squash, pickled beets, hard-boiled eggs, pumpkin seeds, and cheese. Either a soft variety like goat cheese or a hard type like parmesan will be delicious.  
  • 1 chioggia radicchio

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