Veggie Bag - Small

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Certified organic produce from The Farm at Sunnyside. This week's small bag has:
  •  1 bunch lemongrass or chives - Lemongrass is a flavorful aromatic used in curries and soups for a hint of citrus. Chives add gentle onion-y flavor to omelets, salads, and stir-frys. 
  • 1 bag greens mix or 1 head lettuce - You know what to do with this one - make a refreshing salad and toss the greens together with a GINGER-CARROT dressing. 
  • 1 bunch asian greens - Bok choi, choi sum, or tat soi: these are all tender and delicious in stir-frys. Cook at high heat with PEPPERS, shredded CARROTS, and GINGER.
  • 1 piece ginger (2-3 inches) - Freshly dug, this is unlike the standard grocery store variety. Full of floral, acidic, and citrusy flavor, this ginger has very thin skin and is mild enough to eat raw.
  • 1 bunch carrots - Snappy and sweet, these orange beauties cook up into a curry and are a perfect snack. Blend up with ginger, garlic, olive oil, and vinegar for a hearty salad dressing.
  • 2 lbs sweet potatoes - We can't deny fall is here when sweet potatoes show up! Orange and sweet, these tubers roast up beautifully to top a salad or rice bowl.
Cooking suggestion: A warming curry combines sweet potatoes, asian greens, and lemongrass. Add coconut milk for a creamy texture and some tofu or chicken for protein. Serve over rice or a bowl of noodles! Incorporate some veggies into your dessert with a carrot cake! Add grated ginger into the batter or make a gingery glaze to pour on top. 
Sorry, no substitutions available at this time. If there's something you don't love, share with a neighbor!